Realteker joyfully supports charities’ Program

Social inclusion is the consensus of everyone at Realtek. We have long supported and taken part in charity activities over the years. In 2008, Realtek launched the ‘Realteker joyfully support charities” program to actively develop charity initiatives for Realtek employees to take part in. We hope that our charity initiatives and participation will lead to sustainable creativity and action. Social care is about being human. It is channeled through activities organized by a company and is an important part of Realtek’s engagement with social inclusion. The hope that every concept and every action will ultimately come together and leave a long-lasting impression on the nation and society is the philosophy that guides Realtek.

The ‘Realteker joyfully support charities’ social inclusion program covers six categories: social care education for employees, disadvantaged groups, emergency assistance, academic research, schoolchildren development, and individual cases. They encompass a wide variety of topics and care recipients. The ‘Realtek CSR Planning Center’ was established in 2010 for more systematic planning on the allocation of resources. More resources and energy were also invested to expand our social care efforts and fulfill our CSR. In addition to providing care resources to external recipients, we also design internal activities that reinforce the importance of social care topics to employees. At the same time, we also learn from the rest of society in order to enhance Realtek’s strategic planning on CSR. The benefits will then be translated into greater engagement and more effective action by Realtek.


 Education grants

Education is one of the most important items to Realtek on the topic of social inclusion. Education is a long-term effort that has a very significant impact on the sustainable development of individual students and the nation as a whole. The development of education has therefore long been a key area of interest for Realtek. For indigenous education in Hsinchu County, Realtek provided learning awards and assistance to four schools in the indigenous region. We hope this will enrich the educational resources for children at indigenous elementary schools, and help them concentrate on learning and growth. We also hope that the children can give back to their community one day so that we can all work together to promote mutual support and caring in society and throughout the nation.

Investments in educational development projects in 2019 included:

  1. Awards for rural elementary schools in Hsinchu (Yu Feng Elementary School, Hsiu Luan Elementary School, Xin Guang Elementary School, Shih Lei Elementary School) for the 2019 academic year
  2. Expanding the reading horizons of schoolchildren through the donation of monthly educational publications
  3. Sponsorship of arts and humanities (music) class at Shuang Si Elementary School in Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County
  4. Sponsorship of ‘2019 Hsinchu Girls’ Senior High School Choir Performance - Pre-Departure Concert for Karuizawa International Choral Festival’
  5. Sponsorship of ‘2019 Karuizawa International Choral Festival and Competition’
  6. Sponsorship of ‘Fountain of Wisdom Theatre - Rediscovering Lost Courage’ campaign
  7. Sponsored the travel expenses of Liu Jia Elementary School in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, competing in the ‘2019 Japanese National Men and Boys Indoor Tug-of-War Championship’


 Social Care Projects

Providing social care in a timely manner is just as important as social inclusion. Helping disadvantaged groups and providing more timely assistance is the purpose of our social care projects.

Social care projects in 2019:

  1. Sponsorship of 2019 Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Hsinchu Center - summer camp
  2. Sponsorship of 2019 Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Hsinchu Center – Winter Children’s Home Carnival
  3. Eden Foundation - Disadvantaged Children Support Plan (Unlimited possibilities of growth and development)
  4. Sponsorship of the ‘Young and Happiness ~ Handicapped and Environmental Protection Charity Carnival’ hosted by St. Joseph's Social Welfare Foundation, Hsinchu City
  5. Sponsorship of the “2019 LOHAS Nanliao Family Excursion Carnival’ event hosted by A-Heng Training Center for Mental Retardation, Hsinchu City
  6. Sponsorship of ‘Teach According to Aptitude to Help Disadvantaged Children Learn’ hosted by Boyo Social Welfare Foundation
  7. Sponsorship of ‘Guardians of Time and Memories’ senior awareness and charity hike hosted by Society of Jesus Hsinchu Social Service Center
  8. Sponsorship of ‘Guardians of Time and Love’ senior awareness and charity hike hosted by Society of Jesus Hsinchu Social Service Center


 Sponsorship of academic research and development activities

National progress depends on breakthroughs and developments by dedicated research institutions. The innovations they supply drive growth and development in each field. Academic R&D activities were therefore systematically sponsored by Realtek so that we can create a sustainable and prosperous future together.
  1. Industrial technology and research: 2019 International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration
  2. Taiwan IC Design Society: 2019 VLSI Design/CAD Symposium
  3. Chinese Professional Management Association of Hsinchu
  4. Taiwan Academy of Implant Dentistry
  5. Taiwan Lung Foundation
  6. Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Foundation
  7. Hsinchu City Sports Development Association
  8. National Taiwan University (Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology)
  9. Taiwan Telecommunications Annual Meeting
  10. 2019 IEEE Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems (EDAPS)
  11. 2019 International Conference on Analog VLSI Circuits (AVIC1)


Sponsorship of Local, Regional, and Community Groups

Community relations is fundamental to CSR. CSR at Realtek has always focused on embracing and supporting the local community. We will continue to engage with local, regional, and community groups.
  1. Hsinchu City Traffic Accident Support Association
  2. Friends of Special Police Association
  3. Adoption of public street lights in Hsinchu City
  4. ‘Operation Police Heart’ by the 5th Precinct of Tainan City Police Department
  5. Agriculture Bureau of Tainan City Government - 100 cartons of pomelo
  6. Hsinchu County Friends of Firefighters Association


Summary of Realtek engagement with social inclusion in 2019: Total amount was NT$ 3,534,412